United Airlines to Offer Non-Stop Point-To-Point Flights for College Football Season

by Daine Taylor
United Airlines to Offer Non-Stop Point-To-Point Flights for College Football Season

Photo: United Airlines 

This week, United Airlines revealed its 2019 college football flight schedule to help ensure fans won’t miss any of the action. United has added several point-to-point flights enabling travelers to fly non-stop from one college town to another.

For the first time, the airline introduced an additional 10,000 seats between its hubs and popular game destinations, and will be offering these flights from August 30 to November 10. The flights typically last under an hour and should cost around $215 round trip, depending on availability.

"Our playbook this year will make it easier than ever for fans, alumni and students to cheer on their teams in other college towns across the country," said Ankit Gupta, United's vice president of Domestic Network Planning.

"It's exciting for football fans and even more exciting for United to be able to operate nonstop flights between these communities for the very first time."

United’s new express game day routes will visit Arlington, Austin, the University of South Carolina, Lincoln, Texas A&M University, the University of Notredame, Ohio State University, and Duke University. The routes will return 2-days after arrival, giving travelers enough time to enjoy the game, and relax before heading back.

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